Cristo Rey Jesuit High School


Project Description:

Following the successful completion of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School’s chapel renovation, Mazur+Son was called upon to perform renovations to the school’s original building wing. Constructed in the early 1920’s, the building required extensive work in order to promote an atmosphere that would further the educational mission of the Jesuit order. In order to maintain the character of the original building, the existing wood floors were painstakingly reassembled and refinished. Completed within a tight time frame and budget, the resulting renovation exceeded the owner’s expectations and transformed the original building into a showplace.

projects_ren_cristo_high_1.jpg projects_ren_cristo_high_2.jpg projects_ren_cristo_high_3.jpg

“As a former business owner, I appreciate effective managers who offer creative, cost effective solutions. Both of our projects were completed ahead of schedule, significantly under budget.”

Dan Considine, CFO